Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lt Col procured 60 Kgs RDX from JK

Courtesy:Daily Greater Kashmir dt.Nov. 16th, 2008
New Delhi, Nov 15: Prime accused in Malegaon bomb blast case, Lt Col Prasad Purohit allegedly procured 60 kgs of RDX from Jammu and Kashmir in 2006, a part of which is suspected to have been used in the Malegaon blast and also in the Samjhauta Express train explosions, the prosecution told a court here, giving a new dimension to the ongoing ATS probe.Special Prosecutor for the ATS, Ajay Misar told the court that a witness submitted that in 2006 Purohit had claimed he had 60 kgs of RDX in his possession which he had got from Jammu and Kashmir.The RDX is suspected to have been used in the September 29 Malegaon blast that left six dead and the twin explosions in Samjhauta train last year.Purohit gave a portion of the RDX to one Bhagwan who is suspected to have used in Samjhauta Express blast, Misar said.He said the Army officer was directly involved in the Samjhauta Express blasts that killed 68 people, mostly Pakistanis.The Samjhauta Express was full of Pakistani visitors when the bombs went off on board. Of the 68 who died, 42 were Pakistanis. The blasts were triggered by low-intensity explosives which were accompanied by inflammable material. Three unexploded suitcase bombs were later recovered from the train.Ironically, India had then blamed Pakistan and Pakistani militants for the blasts.The Samjhauta Express runs between Delhi and Lahore and was a symbol of improving in India-Pakistan relations.Meanwhile, Maharashtra ATS has alleged that Purohit is a recruit of Swami Amritanand Dwivedi alias Dayanand Pandey who they claim masterminded the Malegaon blasts. The ATS says that Purohit organised RDX for that terror attack too.Purohit has admitted that he met Sadhvi Pragya Thakur — the other key accused in the blast case — through the Swami.Narco analysis on Purohit has revealed that he had already been tasked by Army Intelligence to gather information on SIMI. AGENCIES


  1. Former Governor S.K. Sinha is a Terrorist: Mufti Sayeed, former CM
    Courtesy: Daily Rising Kashmir dt Nov. 17th, 2008
    Jammu, Nov 16: Peoples Democratic Party Patron Mufti Muhammad Sayeed on Sunday said former Jammu Kashmir Governor Lt Gen (Rtd) S K Sinha is a terrorist.
    Sayeed alleged that religious guru Dayanand Pandey, arrested in connection with Malegaon blasts, stayed as a guest of then Governor Lt Gen. (Retd) S K Sinha and demanded a probe into it.
    Pandey, who frequently visited the state, was a guest of the former Governor and stayed at the Raj Bhawan in Srinagar in 2007, Sayeed told reporters here.
    This showed Pandey's connections with the ex-Governor and this should be probed, the former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister said.
    “Frequent visits by Pandey to the state and his being entertained by the former Governor raises suspicion," Mufti said.
    The matter needed to be probed in the background of alleged involvement of some army officers in the blasts, he said.
    The former chief minister said the alleged involvement of seers and army officers in Malegaon blasts was dangerous, adding authorities should also probe the "linkage" of such elements with Kashmir militancy.
    Asked whether he had differences with the ex-Governor on the Amarnath land issue, Mufti said he wanted implementation of Sengupta committee's recommendations, including limiting the number of devotees undertaking the Amarnath pilgrimage. “But, Sinha was adamant and did not agree with the advise of his government”, he alleged.
    The Committee was set up in the aftermath of over 200 people losing their lives due to avalanches and snowstorms en route the cave shrine.
    The former Chief Minister said, “Sinha, however, wrote to him to hand over 100 acres of land to the Shri Amarnath Shrine Board at Baltal for devotees. But, I did not clear the file during my tenure."
    To a question, he said his only complaint against Congress leader and former Chief Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad was that he did not consult the PDP, a partner in the government, while clearing the Amarnath land transfer file.
    “The issue snowballed into a major controversy and led to agitations in both Jammu region and Kashmir,” he said.
    On PDP's stand on resolving the Kashmir issue, Mufti said it was already enshrined in PDP's "self-rule vision document". "The document focuses on making borders irrelevant through cross-LoC trade and people-to-people contacts," he said.
    "There is a political will on part of both India and Pakistan to resolve the issue but the bureaucracy in the two countries is creating hurdles," the PDP leader said.
    On assembly election in the state, he said his party was against holding the exercise in view of "hostile" atmosphere created by the Amarnath land row.
    “The party also wanted deferment of the poll keeping in mind vagaries of the weather,” he added.

    Courtesy: Daily Greater Kashmir dt Nov. 17th, 2008
    Jammu, Nov 16: Former chief minister and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) patron Mufti Muhammad Sayeed Sunday expressed serious concern over the links and role of senior officer of the Indian Army into various terror acts in India and demanded probe into the nexus of Malegaon blast mastermind Dayanand Pandey and former governor of the state S K Sinha.
    “It appeared in the media and I came to know that mastermind of Malegaon blast case Dayananad Pandey visited the state during 2007 and even before remained the guest of the then governor S K Sinha. This should be probed in detail,” he told reporters here.
    “I am not saying that General (retd) S K Sinha is involved or never can I say it but proximity between these two should be probed,” he said.
    Reports said Pandey stayed with then Governor as his guest in 2007.
    “Since Swami was state guest of former Governor Lt Gen Sinha during latter’s tenure in 2007, the ATS which is investigating the case should thoroughly probe this,” he said
    “I am not raising finger at Gen Sinha but in what capacity the said swami was offered the status of ‘state guest’,’’ Mufti said.
    He said it is not that a particular community or religion or the region could have extremism but it can be anywhere in the world. “Because of militancy in Kashmir any terror act occurred, wherever in India, the agencies linked those with the Kashmiris and Muslims. Malegaon proved that extremists are there even in the most disciplined force of the world and thus it became clear that extremists can exist anywhere in the world and in any community,” Mufti said.
    He expressed concern over the involvement of army officer in the act and said that government of India should initiate serious efforts to tackle such situation. “The name of senior officer of Indian army came into light in Malegaon case this is most disturbing and Government of India should seriously look into this and act accordingly,” Mufti said.
    Replying to a question, Mufti said he was never against former Governor and had cordial relations with him yet there were issues on which differences persisted. “I was having no differences with Governor S K Sinha. I wanted the Amarnath Yatra to be limited as per the recommendations of Sen Gupta Commission report but he was adamant on the issue,” he clarified.
    “The other point of difference was on the demarcation of land. I was of the view that pilgrims should be provided facilities not on a demarked land but on any point of land, which could be used easily from Noonwan to Baltal but he wanted a land demarked and on that I was sure that there would be a problem and the whole state later witnessed it,” Mufti said adding, “Sinha played vital role in disturbing the situation of the state.”
    Meanwhile, senior PDP leader Tariq Hameed Karra in a statement said that the reported association of then Governor Sinha and the National Conference (NC) President Omar Abdullah with the Malegaon blast accused Swami Dyayanand Pandey is a matter of serious concern that needs to be probed thoroughly to unveil the diabolic nexus.
    Karra in a statement from Srinagar said as per the reports appearing in a section of the press, Dayanand Pandey has not only held secret meetings with Gen S K Sinha at the Srinagar Raj Bhawan, but has secretively visited several religious places with him in the Kashmir valley including the Amarnath Shrine.
    “This is a serious issue as it involves the highest constitutional office in the State,” he said and added that some news channels have even shown some startling pictures of Dayanand Pandey with the NC President Omar Abdullah.
    Karra said NC Patron Dr Farooq Abdullah’s statement on the issue is just a desperate attempt to provide a cover-up to his son’s innate association with the Swami and other RSS ideologues that has already been made public through revealing pictures of Dayanand Swami and Omar Abdullah flashed across the country by various news channels.
    “It is now clear that there was a deep nexus between RSS, Gen Sinha, and the NC leaders and the transfer of land to Amarnath Shrine Board and consequent uprising in both parts of the State was a part of their larger game-plan,” Karra said and added that this unholy nexus needs to be unveiled to save the State and its people from becoming the victims of any such plot in future. “The covert role of Dayanand Pandey in fuelling the Amarnath land agitation in Jammu also needs to be thoroughly probed,” he said.
    Reiterating his demand for a CBI probe into the alleged financial irregularities committed by Gen Sinha and his coterie in Shri Mata Vaishnav Devi and Amarnath Shrine Boards, Karra said that nobody should be allowed to misuse the State’s highest constitutional office to make personal fortunes and then go scot free. He said Gen Sinha’s association with the Malegaon blast accused has added a dangerous dimension to the former Governor’s pro-active religious overtures in Kashmir.

    And faces stand shamelessly exposed

    COUTESY: Daily Greater Kashmir dt. Nov. 23rd, 2008

    Harping on a discordant tune of threat to the Indian nation by the so called Islamic terrorism, the radical Sangh Parivar has now been shown the mirror to see their ugly face and is biting the dust when it has been revealed that several bomb explosions killing scores of innocent civilians across India have been the handiwork of Hindu terrorists among whom are included, rather astonishingly, one female Hindu priestess, Pragya Singh Thakur, and a senior army officer of the rank of lieutenant colonel, besides the alleged involvement of another ascetic, Swami Dayanand Panday.
    In his entire brazenness, the chief of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Rajnath Singh has painted the story in communal colours threatening the whole Indian nation: “our holy men and women should not be defamed.” In all his fairness, Singh should have demonstrated a little amount of moral courage to admit the bitter reality that he would not tolerate humiliation of his blue eyed holy terrorists and killers.
    On top of the controversy also sparked off by a wicked former State governor, S K Sinha with his also being in the dreaded nexus, unearthing of heinous crimes has assumed new proportions making people hardly believe that a person of an august stature of the state governor could also be a party to the dirty game. Sinha has already been shown the door from J&K state most disgracefully like his co-ideologist, Jagmohan, who also unleashed his anti-Muslim terror against Kashmiris in 1990 massacring hundreds of them in a series of brutal gunfire across Kashmir Valley
    The supremo of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Mufti Mohammad Sayed has openly alleged that an accused in Malegaon blasts Swami Dayanand Pandey alias Mahant Amritanand, had also been a guest of the then Governor Lt Gen (retired) S K Sinha. Mufti has urged the security agencies to thoroughly investigate the proximity between the two.
    "I am not aware of their proximity level, but it is up to the security agencies to investigate the issue," he said while interacting with media persons at his residential accommodation in Jammu on 16 November.
    The Mufti expressed concern over the alleged involvement of seers and army officers in Malegaon explosions. "Now even Army officers are found to be involved in the activities apart from Hindu extremists. It is a very serious and dangerous trend," he said. He added that it has become evident now that Lt Col Sri Kant Purohit had sourced blast material from Kashmir.
    The former state chief minister’s demand for an impartial probe into the startling disclosures needs to be investigated in by an independent judicial agency.
    Yet another senior PDP leader and former finance minister, Tariq Hameed Karra has also said that as per reports appearing in the press, Swami Dayanand Panday, not only held secret meetings with Governor Sinha at the Srinagar Raj Bhavan but secretively visited several religious places with him in Kashmir Valley including the Amarnath Shrine. Karra also questioned the reported association of Omar Abdullah, president of the National Conference, with this suspicious god man, Panday. Joining hands with the PDP, the Congress party, with Sinha’s favorite Ghulam Nabi Azad as its senior activist, also hardened its stand in the fishy matter when its general secretary, Prithvi Raj Chauhan said in Jammu on 16 November: “if it would be found that that Swami’s meeting with Sinha was part of conspiracy, even he would not be spared.”
    Chauhan also blamed the BJP for trivialising the issue.
    Reportedly, pro- Hindutva outfits have started a vehement campaign to raise huge funds of money for defending the alleged criminals involved in Malegaon killings. This in itself exposes the heinous designs of the Sangh Parivar to divide the country on communal and parochial lines.
    Sinha has reportedly threatened the PDP patron of a legal suit but it seems that it is only like an abashed cat pouncing upon a post. Mufti Sayed has been very categorical in raising his finger at Sinha who, on the contrary has retaliated with shallow threat of a legal action. It is an act in desperation of his looking from side to side in discomfiture and nothing else. Mufti now hits back updating his earlier statement when he says that S K Sinha not only was a party to the heinous conspiracy with Hindu terrorists and so called god man but he also tried unscrupulously to destroy the very secular fabric of the State.
    The Indian media, perhaps for the first time, has shown courage to expose the Sanghi terrorism which had been pulled under the rug by the country’s extremist forces on the pretext of accusing the Indian Muslim youth in all subversive happenings immediately with their occurrence without authenticating allegations. It has now become crystal clear that the BJP and its terrorist allies are on tenter hooks to save their culprit companions and they are also at loss to cash on Amarnath row during their forthcoming election campaign because their indirect involvement in subversion across the Indian provinces has already taken the wind out of their sail.
    The senior BJP leader, LK Advani, is found more uncomfortable than any one else for the exposure of criminal connections of some of the Sangh Parivar supporters including working and retired army officers.
    Advani has therefore found it convenient that the Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) of Maharashtra be made target of his wrath about the unconfirmed complaint of Sadhvi, Pragya Thakur, that she was subjected to third degree torture by the ATS during her being questioned in the police lock up.
    Without attaching any consideration to the frivolous statements being made by the Sangh Parivar politicians and others of the same cult, it is imperative that the matter be handed over to a credible Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for a reliable and impartial probe so that the myth of humiliated Indian Muslims being maligned time and again for baseless and concocted anti national acts is broken once and for all.