Wednesday, June 24, 2009

‘Pain will ease only when culprits are hanged’

Courtesy: Daily Rising Kashmir by Shabir Ali

Shopian, June 24: Terming the suspension of five government officials as mere eyewash, brother of teenage Asiya and husband of Neelofar, Shakeel Ahmad Ahangar Wednesday said that his pain will ease only after culprits are hanged.
The pain of loosing dear ones in such a brutal way can only be felt by those possessing the human heart. The suspension or arrest of the culprits and those who tried to shield them cannot ease my pain but seeing all of them hanged before my eyes can give me a bit of relief," said Ahanger. He said that suspension of the officials who destroyed the evidence of the rape and murder of his sister and wife to shield the culprits ‘is no punishment but eyewash to pacify the public anger’. Alleging the authorities of trying to hush up the case by causing unnecessary delay in booking the culprits he said: "Had government been sincere in punishing the persons involved in the heinous crime they would have put police behind the bars instead of placing them under mere suspension." He said that the police officials would not have even been suspended had the public not mounted pressure on the government. “But the police officials even after being found involved in shielding the culprits were given the same punishment as is given to the government employee for remaining absent from the duty,” said Ahanger. Shakeel also accused the police of subjecting him to severe mental torture by summoning him daily to police station for questioning. "They subject me to the mental torture by asking me the same questions I have been answering since the day my sister and wife were brutally murdered."Besides knowing that my sister and wife were left with torn clothes and bruised by the beasts they ask me the questions like how was the condition of my wife and sister at the moment their bodies were recovered thus adding to my pain," Shakeel added

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