Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Contrary to the oft repeated rhetoric of Jammu-based organizations, it is the Kashmir province that has faced discrimination in every walk of life over the past sixty years. Majority of beauracrats and high ranking officials belonging to Jammu have always made it a point to resort to favouritism and nepotism in their decision making with respect to recruitment in govt. services, allocation of funds, developments projects and so on. Statistics available with the government itself speak for themselves in this regard. Secondly Jammu based fundamentalists have repeatedly been saying that there has been no economic blockade at all. If that is the case, who hurled petrol bombs on scores of Kashmiri drivers ferrying goods across Jammu; where have the goods gone that have reportedly been flowing to Srinagar since our markets are running dry of medicines, vegetables, fruits, essentials etc since weeks. Any camera team can take a tour around various parts of the valley and see the facts on ground. Thirdly why erstwhile governor of the state S.K.Sinha is not being questioned by anyone who left no stone unturned to demolish the secular character of Amarnath Yatra by dissociating the Malik family of Pahalgam from the offerings on the Shrine and offered them a petty sum as one-time compensation against their regular share. The participation and subsequent sharing of offerings between the shrine and the Malik family (founders of the cave) of Pahalgam was the most graceful aspect of the yatra that was destroyed by the erstwhile governor who is the main culprit behind bringing about a communal agenda in his governance.Then why the ruthless killing of over forty unarmed protestors by the security forces is going uncondemned by Indian Media, Politicians and the civil society. Is Kashmiri blood so cheap that it does not need even a word of condemnation. Is it not a blatant human right violation that you are shooting the people who after having been isolated, choked, economically blocked and made to starve, were killed for the share reason that they were looking out for an alternate route to their fully ripe fruits.It is a shame for the biggest democracy of the world namely INDIA.

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