Monday, August 25, 2008

A Sea of People Demanding Freedom at Eidgah

On August 22nd, 2008 more than a million people belonging to all religious sects including Shias, Sunnis, Ahli-hadeesis, Hamblis etc irrespective of their religious school of thought converged en-masse at Eidgah grounds, Srinagar breaking all barriers to offer Friday prayers jointly, pray for the success of ongoing peoples’ movement and protest against the nefarious designs of communal forces of Jammu and their actions of enforcing economic blockade and atrocities against muslims besides attempting to grab the land near Amarnath Cave. This gathering that saw Eidgah getting jam-packed to its full capacity should serve as an eye-opener for the government of India that had started believing that they have succeeded in crushing the genuine voice of the people of Kashmir by blatantly misusing its military might and resorting to massacres of lakhs of Kashmiris during the past twenty years of their struggle.
Even when I am writing this blog, attempts are on at Jammu to transfer land even greater in area than before to SASB. Talks are on between advisors of the Governor and representatives of the AYSS. In case govt. once again reinvokes its orders after revoking it once, that will be the biggest blunder on its part, sufficient enough to tell the Kashmiris that “We don’t care what you want, how many of you die and how many massive protests you hold; you don’t mean anything to us and we don’t care whether you are happy with us or alienated further”. In case land is transferred back to SASB, those mainstream leaders who proclaim their symapathy with Kashmiris every now and then should resign from their membership of Indian Parliament forthwith and join the masses in their freedom struggle. Is not shameful and humiliating for them that they are not even being consulted or taken into confidence before making any move of re-transfer of forest land to SASB.
It is time when separatists should shun their worn out rhetoric of providing all necessary facilities to Amarnath Pilgrims and allowing it in its present tone and tenure. Since government has cleary shown that it doesn't care even a fig for Kashmir and Kashmiris and doesn't even mind killing them in groups to curb the current uprising, we should sound alert about the deteriorating ecology at Amarnath due to movement of lakhs of pilgrims for a prolonged period of two months. It is time we should resort to social boycot of all biased and jaundiced Indian media channels apart from Jammu products. In case mainstream policiticians of the valley care the least for Kashmiris, they should come out openly in support of the mass movement and declare the public verdict on every platform.

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  1. Authorities have finally clamped crackdown on hapless, unarmed, traumatized Kashmiris in a bid to crush their genuine freedom struggle and encourage the violent and rabidly communal hooligans at Jammu. For the past twenty years, JKP, CRPF, BSF and Inian Army has been on a killing spree in Kashmir under the garb of counter-insurgency. They massacared lakhs of our youth labeling them as armed militants. Now the whole world has witnessed that lakhs of unarmed, peaceful Kashmiris have protested on the streets of Kashmir against Indian occupation and high-handedness of its security agencies. Now the govt. is dumbstruck as to what label they should give these lakhs of protestors so as go crush and kill them and once again declare their false victory in the state. As a part of their frustration in the present scenario, they have clamped the harshest ever curfew in the entire valley, arrested top brass as well as second rung separatists and started using brute force against the civilians locked up inside their homes.

    Security forces have not spared even the patients, ambulance drivers, J&K police officials, dead bodies, media personnel and even the injured. They have shamefully unleashed their reign of terror on hapless civilians too by barging into their homes, ransaking their household goods, molesting their womenfolk, beating even the children and hurling their choicest abuses on the inmates. There is no accountability at all. They are not honouring even the curfew passes of media men and para medicos. This is human rights violations at its worst. Is their anybody who could come to the rescue of suffering humanity here in Kashmir. Where is the civil society of India and rest of the world. Where are the champions of Human Rights. Nobody seems to be moved while entire kashmir is boiling and bleeding.May Almighty help us in this hour of grief.