Tuesday, August 19, 2008


1. Open up Srinagar-Muzaffarabad Road for bilateral trade.
2. Revoke Armed Forces Special Powers Act and other related draconian laws.
3. Condemn in unequivocal terms the recent killings of unarmed civilians and -order impartial and high-level enquiry into these killings and promise urgent probe alongwith a stringent punishment to those found guilty.
4. Free all people taken into custody during the ongoing crisis as well as those languishing in jails since years.
5. Take concrete measures to stop economic blockade and resume supply of essentials as before.
6. Reduce the duration of Yatra to fifteen days as proposed by Mahant Deependragiri of Dashnami Akhada (the bearer of Charhi Mubarak) and restrict the daily rush of yatris to one or two thousand and take other necessary measures to protect the endangered ecology and environment of the Amarnath Cave region.
7. Resume composite dialogue with Pakistan to resolve the vexed issue of Kashmir and take concrete steps towards resolving the issue including meaningful dialogue with all stake holders (including separatists).
8. Initiate progressive reduction in the number of troops in the state and vacate troops from all orchards, schools, paddy fields and agricultural land.
9. Pass on instructions to right wing hindu fundamentalist forces including BJP, Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal etc to stop communalizing the situation and playing divisive politics in the state. Ask Jammu based organizations to withdraw their agitation forthwith by making it clear to them that the state land is protected under article 370 of the Indian constitution and most of the land in question is proprietary land and long forest land.
10. Let the state and central government, media, civil society and the political parties not be biased against Kashmiris in calling a spade a spade.

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  1. Azad government is down and out, thanks to mass agitation ensuing transfer of land to SASB by the coalition government. No party is different. NC, PDP, Congress, all are chips of the same block, birds of a feather that flock together. Today it is Congress at fault, few years back NC was at fault when they brought in a filthy piece of legislation called SASB Act and gave the boad sweeping powers to an extent that even the state govt. or the legislature for that matter cannot lay their hands on the board in case they go haywire in their decision making. NC has been considering this state as its personal fiefdom, its leaders want luxury, comfort through power, no matter if it means at the cost of self-esteem, pride and honour of hapless Kashmiris. They are addicted to power and can't stay away from it for long. They need it back by fair or foul means, by hook or by crook even if it means comprising on their basic principles and promises made to the people. PDP on the other hand wants to make a quick buck by selling prime forest land, giving tourist spots like Gulmarg away on lease to outsiders. It is no secret how they took huge kickbacks during their regime in appointing personnel on key posts like Director, SKIMS, Vice-Chancellor, Kashmir University etc. They spread wine shops in the valley like general stores. Congress is a junkyard of corrupt politicians, no matter what Azad prophesizes and trumpets every now and then. He himself may be clean, committed to work and dedicated to good governance but he is insensitive to the basic issue very dear to the heart of every Kashmiri and that is Kashmir Issue, our self-esteem and secure life. Governor rule is up next. Let us wait and watch what is there in store for us in days to come.

    All mainstream parties of J&K are like black sheep who make the most of turmoil going on in the valley and harp on the miseries of common Kashmiris. They are least bothered about the resolution of Kashmir problem. All they crave for is their power and money. They can sell any damn thing in order to gain a few morsels of cash and some trust of New Delhi. They were the people clammering for votes when the valley was buring, youth were dying and our sisters were losing their chastity at the hands of Indian security forces. Least said about them the better. Today these very people pretend to be the champions of Kashmir cause. There is a Kashmiri saying that best suits these mainstream politicians i.e., "aden dazaan resh, bakiy karan waeshnaeyr".