Sunday, September 21, 2008


No sooner do the various state police units nab some muslim youth on the pretext of perpetrating violence, each state police hurriedly rushes to take the claim for cracking the terror modules and nabbing the mastermind of all the serial blasts that rocked various cities across India.First it was the infamous Gujrat police that labelled Abu Bashar as the mastermind of all the blasts, followed by Jaipur police that declared Tauqir, the computer wizard and some other guy as the masterminds and only day before yesterday, Delhi police brandished slain Atiq (person purportedly killed in Delhi encounter) as the mastermind of all the blasts.

The fact remains that there is no place in Islam for such terrorist activities and mass killings of civilians and no sane person can ever condone or endorse such violent acts. Even hardliners like Syed Ali Geelani condemned these serial blasts. Islam stands for peace and Holy Quran describes in unambiguous terms that the killing of one innocent person is like murdering the entire humanity. Only today morning I read in a local Daily that one of the persons killed in Gaffar Market blast in New Delhi was a poor Kashmiri muslim rickshaw puller who had gone to Delhi in search of his livelihood. So such acts of violence serve no cause to any person or community and need to be abhored in strongest terms possible. Yet the way various state police units of Indian states have rushed to conclusions while claiming success in busting the rackets smacks of something disastrously fishy and dangerous. It seems innocent muslim youth are being grabbed, tortured in the most inhuman fashion and labelled of committing crimes that they might never have committed,otherwise why would each state police unit come up with their own version of the mastermind and racket behind the blasts. Unfortunately with such malicious acts of state police units of mislabelling the innocent people only benefit the real culprits who continue to remain obscure while others are punished for their ill deeds.

Moreover Gujrat police vehemently declared that SIMI is Indian Mujahideen, just another name. Delhi police refuted this claim outrightly and stated that the two are different and operate independently. Now whose words should one believe. If we go by the version of Delhi police, then all the men arrested by Gujrat police and brandished as men behind the blasts are clearly innocent and scapegoats. Such acts clearly hint at anti-muslim pranks played by Indian Police forces and their agenda to "GIVE THE DOG A BAD NAME AND KILL HIM".They want to crack down upon all muslims, their madrassas and their social and religious organizations.They don't want ordinary muslims to group and organize themselves against the atrocities perpetrated upon their hapless community. All this makes us conclude that when over fifteen crore muslims in India are not safe at the hands of Indian security forces, how can they lure Kashmiris with their so-called secular and economic might. We see what they are doing to christian community in Orissa, M.P, and Karnataka.While Bajrang Dal activits openly threaten to attack churches and christians and even do that with full impunity, state police forces shower their lathis on christian women, youth, nuns and priests inside churches at Mangalore. India has of late turned out to be an intolerant society, a safe haven for hindu extremists, where the right wing hindu fundamentalist forces fully supported by state police want all minorities to dance in to their tunes. Their slogan is, "gar bharat mein rehna hoga, vande matram kehna hoga" and those who don't want to do this should move to Pakistan for ever.

There seems to be acute dearth of sane people who could understand the simple fact that even if muslims of pakistan are told to recite vande matram in respect of their own country, they can't do that because it goes against their religion where a muslim can bow before only God almighty and none else. So why blame muslims of India for denying to recite vande matram on religious grounds when no muslim on earth whichever country he belongs to can ever do that. In short they are looking out for lame excuses to crush and kill muslims across India and wipe them out. But almighty Allah is there to take care of us and insha-Allah their sinister designs will never succeed.

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  1. Sangh Parivar harbors terror: GoI
    Visiting Union Minister seeks ban on extremist Hindu groups
    Courtesy; Daily Rising Kashmir dt Sep., 22, 2008) by Shabir Dar

    Lassipora (Pulwama), Sep 22: Labeling Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP), Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), Bajrang Dal (BD) and Rastriya Swamsevak Sangh (RSS) as terrorist organisations, Union Minister for Chemicals, Fertilizers and Steel and Lok Janshakti party chief Ram Vilas Paswan on Monday demanded imposition of blanket ban on the rightwing Hindu organisations.
    He blamed the Hindu organisations for the present crisis in Kashmir as they had imposed economic blockade of the Valley.
    “Economic blockade is the root cause of the present crisis in the Valley. The situation arose only after the terrorist organisations like BJP, VHP, Bajrang Dal and RSS blew the Amarnath land transfer issue un-proportionately and imposed economic blockade of Kashmir. Such organizations should be banned for promoting hatred,” Paswan told reporters on the sidelines after laying foundation stone laying of Steel Processing Unit, here.
    He said that the ban on the saffron groups will send a positive signal to the separatist organisations in Kashmir. “There is a trust deficit towards India in Kashmir and this step will help in reducing that gap,” he said.
    The union minister asserted that the minorities are not safe in India as they are being regularly targeted by RSS, BJP, Bajrang Dal and VHP. “The saffron parties are not posing threat to Muslims only but are also targeting the Christians. The Hindu activists have been attacking churches and Christians in Orissa, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh,” he said, adding, “Minorities cannot be safe unless saffron parties are banned”.
    Earlier, while addressing public gathering in the industrial complex here, Paswan in a veered reference to saffron brigades’ anti-minority policies said, “India is garden which can blossom when every flower is being given a chance to bloom and live.”
    He castigated BJP for trying to trifurcate Jammu and Kashmir. “BJP’s only motive is to divide the State into Kashmir, Jammu and Ladakh. They are demanding separate land for Kashmiri Pandits, who are living outside valley but are not concerned for those living within Kashmir,’ Paswan said.
    Describing Kashmir as crown of India, he said, “We will give any sacrifice to regain this crown. The security of India is not possible unless Kashmiris consider the country as their “motherland”.
    Concerned about the present situation in the Valley, Paswan said that situation here is not as bad as an impression is being given outside.
    When asked about the silence maintained by New Delhi over the situation in valley, Paswan said “A strategy is being adopted by the UPA government so that normalcy is restored in Kashmir. The UPA government is taking every possible measure to restore normalcy in the Valley”.
    The union minister, however, evaded a query on the possibility of holding elections on time in the state. “I cannot say when elections should be conducted. However, whenever they are held, my party will contest the polls,” he said.