Sunday, September 28, 2008

This Mu’azzin craves for saying Azan from Masjid

Undeterred By Bullet InjuryRABIA NOOR
Courtesy: Daily Greater Kashmir dt. Sep. 29th, 2008
Srinagar, Sept 28: Writhing in pain at his hospital bed, this young Mu’azzin in mid- twenties craves for the day when he returns to Bismillah Masjid at Bemina and say Azan for which the people yearn. As of now his wish remains a distant dream as doctors have advised another surgery, fourth since he was admitted after being shot at allegedly by the paramilitary CRPF.On August 13, Tariq Ahmad Dar, 25, was shot at by the CRPF troopers at Bemina. It’s more than 40 days at the hospital bed and he doesn’t know for how many more days he will have to wait till he revisits the Masjid for prayers.“I don’t know how many more months I have to spend in the hospital,” says Tariq, from his bed in the orthopaedic ward of the SKIMS Medical College Hospital Bemina. “What disturbs me most is that I have been in the hospital for the entire Ramzan now and can’t attend Tarawih prayers,” feels Tariq as pensively looks at his injured leg.He believes that his pain subsides when he goes for zikr from the hospital bed.Recalling the incident, Tariq says: “I had gone to Bismillah Masjid for offering Azaan for Zuhr prayers. Meanwhile, I heard some sound outside the Masjid that recalled me of the two incidents, which had taken place in previous days. Just a day back the Masjid was fired upon by the CRPF troopers and earlier its window panes were also broken. I thought they would repeat the same, so
I went outside to tell them not to do so.” “As I went outside, the CRPF troopers and JK policemen called me. I was absolutely unarmed. I asked them not to harm the Masjid. To my surprise, they hugged me and told me very politely that they won’t. But while I was moving back, they attacked me from the back with wooden rods and fired me on my left leg,” he alleged. Locals rushed Tariq to the Bemina hospital where he was hospitalised, but the bullet was not removed from his body. “When he was brought to this hospital, we thought it’s a vascular injury, but it wasn’t. So he was referred to the SKIMS Soura for orthopedics,” said Dr Mudassir. “On our way to SKIMS, the CRPF fired on our vehicle. They broke glass of a window which injured my hand. However, the driver did not stop, for which they had even filed a complaint against him in the police station,” said Tariq.Tariq underwent a surgery in SKIMS and was kept there for four days, from where he was referred to the Bemina hospital. There he developed acute infection, after which he was again operated upon. “Earlier we closed his main wound. But then it developed some infection, so we had to open it again and wash it off in the Operation Theater. His infection was controlled after a month. After that, he underwent skin grafting on September 15. He has undergone three surgeries so far,” said Dr Mudassir, adding that he is to undergo two more surgeries. Tariq will be referred to the Bones and Joints Hospital Barzullah for bone surgery, followed by bone grafting. “The doctors here told us they lack some machinery for the surgery, hence I may need to be shifted to Barzullah hospital,” said Tariq. “He will be alright after the bone surgery,” assures Dr Mudassir. However his uncle, Abdul Salam Dar, seemed to be doubtful about Tariq’s recovery. “I am not sure whether after the bone surgery he would be able to walk properly,” he said.The amount spent on medication comes to Rs 500 for the dressing and medicines. “So far we have spent Rs 20,000 on his treatment, which is a huge amount for a poor man like him, who doesn’t even earn,” said Abdul Salam. Tariq is working as labourer but without any payment in the State Motor Garages where his father late Muhammad Subhan Dar was working as a driver. His father passed away previous year. “I worked there so sincerely, but then also I wasn’t granted the job, although I was promised for the same. My case is pending in the High Court,” said Tariq. “He is Moazin in the Masjid where he likes to be always,” says Abdul Salam.An orphan, Tariq comes from a poor family. He resides with his elder brother Farooq Ahmad at Bemina Gulshanabad, who is a driver. Tariq is the youngest among four brothers and three sisters. His other two brothers are labourers.

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