Monday, September 1, 2008

KASHMIR - A Story of double standards, dirty politics, discrimination and blatant human rights violation

Yes, this is what Kashmir is all about in addition to leadership crisis, disintegrity, misinformation campaign, false propaganda and ruthless use of force. A glimpse of dirty politics is provided by our Abdullah clan. Only few days ago, Omar Abdullah went on record on national channels favouring "Azadi" and yesterday his father blissfully puts in his signatures on the pact between governor's nominees and Sangarsh Samiti without caring about the horrendous crimes inflicted upon the Kashmiris during all these years and during curefew period in particular. Surely , anybody can make a wild guess that another puppet government run by National Conference under patronage of the Congress is in the offing for hapless Kashmiris. Otherwise after losing entire vote bank of Jammu by supporting the idea of Azadi, NC could never have afforded to lost the vote bank of the Valley too by signing this pact. Surely another pact of rewarding NC with governance in J&K seems to have been signed between Farooq Abdullah and the Centre. Anyways, it hardly matters for the crippled and gagged Kashmiris as to which puppet government in ruling the roost. Kashmiris this time are not going to settle for anything short of Azadi.

Meanwhile CRPF continues to shower bullets on peaceful protestors in addition to hurling choicest invectives and abuses on passers-by, barging into peoples' homes, mosques and shops, desecrating household goods, beating inmates, sacrilaging Holy Books, humiliating respected senior citizens and molesting womenfolk. There is no accountability, no control over the berserk and brutal forces. Curfew passes are being rejected and torn, youth are beaten to pulp and shopkeepers are threatened without any provocation. Sad part of the story is that some Kashmiri Pandits who claim to represent their entire community are busy spewing venom against Kashmiri Muslims and are taking their misinformation campaign through blogs, internet, documentaries, newspapers to all new heights without caring about its consequences on the age old brotherhood and harmony between the two communities. I remember how muslim youth of our locality risked their lives to save pudit houses when the entire locality had been engulfed in a devastating fire incident. Even today majority of muslims are ready to welcome their pundit brothers with open arms back into the valley, but these so-called champions of pundit cause are hell bent to spread communal hatred and divide the two communities with dangerous fall-outs.

Pakistan continues to be tight-lipped over the plight of imprisoned and gagged Kashmiris and so does OIC. Surprisingly some of the Indian intelligentia has started realizing the fallacy and the myth that Indians have been nurturing since ages and have started coming out in open in favour of granting Kashmiris their well-deserved INDEPENDENCE


  1. Very well written. You write very clearly. Hope to read more of your thoughts in the future.

  2. Kashmir has been turned into a graveyard, a hounding ground for marauding canines. There is saying in kashmiri DRAAG TSHALIH PAR DAAG TSHALINA.The famine will go but stains will remain. If people think by coercion, bribes, false promises and division, they will make us to forget the 40 martyrs of just in last month, they are misled-For centuries this flame of freedom could not be extinguished –We were and we are a free nation no body can rule our hearts. See any map of world made in other than of pak and India. We are shown as disputed.

  3. Dear Moderator, you have done a great job by putting photographs of gross human rights violations on your blog. What other proof does one need than this. Kudos to our daredevil journalists who have risked their lives and collected this fine evidence of whatever we say. We don't simply flash misconcieved facts in air as is done by our Pandit brothers in their blogs. This pictures tell the story of a thousand words and vindicate our stand viz-a-viz freedom for Kashmir. No doubt there are people within our state who due to some reasons known best to them want to stay put with India but with greater "dignity" as they put it. To make it clear they want more autonomy for the state and keep quite. But incidents like those in the recent past make even such liberals demand AZAADI from the clutches of a ruthless and brute ruler like India. Even autonomy loving people after seeing the treatment being meted out to their children, elderly, pregnant women, truck drivers, resistance leader want to join the slogan of Azaadi. This is the outcome of actions like economic blockade. No concious Kashmiri would tolerate Indian occupation after such disgusting activities of Jammuites.

  4. Kashmiri are adept at double talk. The comments in the blogs totally expose your double standards. Your so called Islamic countries are in ruins, because of bigotry of mullahs and absence of dialogue and democracy. In contrast India is a Secular democratic republic, where freedom of speech and religion is not only guranteed but also respected. It is because of our broader outlook that we are moving ahead to become a economic superpower. Now tell me which country in this world allows its soil to be used for anti national slogans, abuse of its national flag and open speeches of seccession. It is our democratic ethos enshrined in our constitution which gives you the freedom to have your say. But that does not mean that we shall allow this beautiful valley to become next battle ground of Islamic jihadis and jeopardize the stability and peace in Indian subcontinent. Be assured India cannot and will not allow Kashmir to become another Pakistan/Afganistan and leave innocent Kashmiris at the mercy of mad mullahs who use Islam as political weapon of hate. My advice to my Kashmiri brothers is embrace the ideals of democracy, secularism, economic liberalization for which India stands and move forward with the rest of India on a path of peace, progress and economic well being.

  5. To comments of above Mr. anonymous -------Who is trying to give us a lecture of sanity as if we are people with low IQ, whom you are making fool? We are you? Mr. democrat and Mr. Secular- it is 21st century not 60yrs ago- when ignorant people will be shown green pastures of secularism .OK for the sake of argument we are every thing bad. What about Gujarati Muslims they did not raise anti national slogans. Their massacre is still fresh. Ok leave Muslims aside. What about Christians of orrisa they are not Pakistanis –It is recent see what Italian govt and holy pope said or are you listening only news of hinduvta .There is so much to say Mr. perfect whole books can be filled. Keep your economy with you- just stop farmers from committing suicides.

  6. European Parliament to debate Kashmir grave issue today
    Daily Rising Kashmir
    Thursday, 10 July 2008
    Brussels, July 9: The European Parliament during its plenary session in Strasbourg, France will on Thursday debate and
    vote on a resolution on the allegation of mass graves in Kashmir.
    The request for inclusion in the agenda for the debate on cases of breaches of human rights, democracy and the rule of
    law was made by four MPs - Elizabeth Lynne of Britain, Marios Matsakis of Cyprus, Sarah Ludford of Britain and
    Frédérique Ries of Belgium - on behalf of Group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE), the EU
    Asia News said Wednesday.
    The Socialist group in the EP Monday made a request to have the topic removed from the agenda but it was rejected by
    the house with 123 votes to 72.
    ALDE currently comprises 100 EU MPs out of a total of 785 and is the third-largest group in the EP. It is led by Graham
    Watson, a British Liberal Democrat.
    The Socialist group with 216 MPs is the second-largest. The EPP-ED Group - the Group of the European
    Peoples Party (Christian Democrats) and European Democrats - with 288 MPs is the biggest.
    The draft resolution says that hundreds of unidentified graves have been discovered since 2006 in Jammu and
    Alleging that human rights violations committed by Indian troopers and paramilitary troopers continue in an
    atmosphere of impunity, the draft text calls on New Delhi to urgently ensure independent and impartial
    investigations into all suspected sites of mass graves in Jammu and Kashmir and as an immediate first step to secure
    the grave sites in order to preserve the evidence.
    It calls on the European Commission to offer financial and technical assistance to the Indian government for such
    a thorough inquiry and possible further measures of conflict resolution in Kashmir.
    The resolution urges India to ratify and implement the UN Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced
    Disappearance without reservations, and to grant access to Jammu and Kashmir for the UN Special Rapporteurs under
    the terms of reference of the UN Special Procedure.